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Rejuvenate at Delta-105: CEO Narrates Making of a Military Theme Park

Do you want to indulge into some adventure with your family! Do you like to run-through leadership and team building lessons with your friends! Or you just wish to revitalize yourself in a lush green and peaceful setting! Around 50 km from New Delhi, “Delta-105” has it all for a weekend retreat.
This is the era in which, either youth likes to spend time in concerts, sunburns and pubs or just believes in Netflix n chill.  Famous theme parks are laden with water games, rides full of thrills and chills, live music, dance, food joints and hullabaloo of gatherings. In the setting where, leisure considerations are just the reverse, Delta-105 has its unique offerings. Will it be able to make an impact?
In a highly competitive area where all big giants are running the business, getting a theme park built is a bold idea. On top of that, having one which takes you in the daily life of a solider, is rather a daring one. But if one has the josh, it is not difficult to make your dream a reality.

Allow me to introduce, Major Dinesh Sharma, Co-founder Delta -105, an entrepreneur with a reverie. After serving Indian Army, Dinesh worked at Wipro and Mercer. Two decades at leadership positions yet the zeal of doing something on his own brought this Delhi boy back to his homeland with an innovative concept to inspire youth.

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“Army has made me what I am today. The organisation that can bring in so much of a change in an individual is worth showing to others. That’s how the theme of having a military base triggered my mind! The idea was to replicate, the adventurous life of armed forces. While designing I kept in mind every minute details including culture, fun time activities, food, sports and so on…” Recollects Dinesh.

“It was early 2019, childhood friends turned business partners Hemant Dabas, Niklesh Sharma and I started planning how to go about it. First thing, was the land. So, we took about 40 acres land on lease, which was actually an agriculture land. Then we hired a designer who is NIDian, Lopez Design. He is an expert in experiential design “.

“After few months of planning on the drawing board, the execution of infrastructurs on ground was started. By this time the weather became unbearably hot. We worked for long hours in scorching sun to supervise the work. Raju, my buddy and Sub (Hony Lt) Asardin, my ex unit-type, took control of things. It was a daunting task. However, the mere look at our structures taking shape, kept us motivated. This was something we all were doing for our passion. And finally, the hard work of the team paid. No words can express, how thrilled we were! In September 2019, the park was finally opened for public”. Narrates Dinesh.

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Delta 105 is an ingeniously built theme park. The surrounding is clean and pollution free. We have kept in mind the needs of big gatherings involving corporates, school & colleges. We arrange friends and family get-togethers with equal zeal. Virtually everyone, interested to know more about Indian Army and its values will surely like this place. The unique military activities like Grenade Throwing, Range, Paintball, Timed Obstacle Course, firing range, pitthu race, crawl trench and many more are designed as per actual scale and safety measures. There activities like understanding how international border is secured, how a national flag is folded, how to tie various types of knots will be one-off its kind experience. Events in the Pagal Gymkhana like tug of war, lemon race, sack race etc. are simply fun to participate. We also organize boot camp for the aspiring mountaineers on regular basis.

The camp has a large sports area for conducting cricket, football and volleyball matches. For guests who wish to stay overnight, we have catered for luxury tents. During evening time live barbeque and bonfire will take your breath away, do plan it around full moon if possible.

All the activities are conducted by experienced staff. The motivational slogans are carefully chosen for the boards displayed all over. The obstacles are designed to cater for children and adults separately. I am sure you will not only tire yourself to sweat at the activities but also over eat… The dining area is huge, more so the chefs preparing food with all the pleasure. The warmth of affection can be felt while you satisfy your taste buds.

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Enjoy the ride

At the peak of our operations in first year, I had 10 ex-servicemen in my team who were managing the day to day operations. I am happy to help these veterans in the area of their expertise and close to their heart. Also, there were many civilians who were employed to assist in operations from neighbouring areas. I am happy about the fact that over next few years, Delta 105 will become a source of employment.However, the desired success got affected by various factors. Delhi witnessed protest, Riots, dangerous air quality levels and unseasonal rains before Covid-19. All these were big challenge to a business like ours which is in leisure category and outdoors.. The park remained closed from March to October 2020.

In the wake of pandemic, a lot has been changed for reopening of Delta 105. The operational plan has all new procedures to take precautions. Everyone is screened at the entrance with a thermal gun. Sanitization measures have become more crucial. Since the park is spread in a very large area, there is no over-crowding and people can maintain the social distance aspect very well. We also have a first aid medical room at the site and a well-equipped hospital is just 15 mins away.

I have worked in Government, corporate and now managing my own enterprise. I have realised that some of the virtues of life like hard work, dedication and domain-knowledge are relevant across the spectrum. To be successful , focused- approach is the key. Challenges will come but solution will follow, the earlier we realise this, farther we will reach. Says Dinesh to all the budding CEOs.

So this time during Christmas vacation take your family and friends to Delta-105 to experience the adventure of a military lifestyle. Located in Manesar, Haryana, just an hour away from Delhi Airport, this theme park is one of its kind. I am sure you will collect memories to cherish. You will also have a fulfilment that you have learnt some virtues. let’s discover a new forte within.Find the details at, 9599595678.
Insta:  delta105.gurgaon
FB:  Delta 105
Website:  http://delta105.com/  

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  1. This looks exciting! All the best to Delta 105 team.

  2. This sounds Amazing. I think you should also conduct training the youth in military drills, daily routines and upto 6 months camps.. wish you good luck..

    • Yes, that’s a good thought. We did conduct a boot camp recently. We will plan for more. Thanks for the advice, Suchin.

  3. Excellent…. Great option for civilians to peep into Fauji’s life.

    Best wishes…

  4. Excellent…. Great option for civilians to peep into Fauji’s life.

    Best wishes…

  5. Thanks Ritu.

  6. Good initiative for urban youth and even encourage d them to join defence forces.

  7. Great concept which has been executed brilliantly. It is only theme park in country which is based on military ethos, culture and routine and I am sure youngsters who visit will be enriched with the unique experience and the life long memories. Good initiative Major sahab.

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