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Amidst the Outbreak of pandemic, the instinctive need to keep oneself safe from the highly contagious virus is paramount. Washing hands, Sanitising objects, wearing masks and maintaining social distance are some of the new norms now. But what about our mobile phone, laptops, cash, wristwatch and wallet? These utility items can be a potential source of spreading the virus. Disinfecting these objects without damaging the machine is not only time consuming but more as a matter of self-assurance of having taken due precaution.

Numerous cases have revealed the presence of virus traces on vegetables, fruits, groceries and their packaging. Disinfecting the eatables without compromising its nutritional value is a precarious situation being faced on a daily basis. Soaking them in water-based disinfectant then rinsing and letting it dry for days together is now a matter of practice nearing perfection. But alas, this is not only time and space consuming but also not a full proof method!!

Meet a designer turned entrepreneur, who devised a solution to all the above hassles in the form of a portable box, called “Shuddhi Basket”, using UV disinfectant lamp at affordable rates. You just need to keep the items inside the box for 5 minutes and plug it ON. One can use a mobile adapter, it even works on power from a laptop and inside your car. Find more at https://youtu.be/J1TTONQfwUI

So convenient ….

Does it make you feel happy and relieved ?

Allow me to share the story of making of this incredible device which is not only bringing comfort and protection in your lives but also supporting livelihood of craftsmen.

“The CLEAN ROOM Technology has been used in hospitals to disinfect surgical equipment since decades. On similar lines with the help of my experts’ team we designed and built the same environment inside this jute chamber using UV calibrated lamps. I really appreciate the use of Jute cloth, also known as future fiber which has low thermal conductivity. The concept of using Jute, as an insulating and design friendly fiber also supports the Indian small-scale industry”. Says Ms PURVI ROY CEO AND FOUNDER, ARISTA VAULT based at Electropreneur Park Delhi.

During lockdown when most of us were inside the home the team of Arista Vault was brainstorming and working day in and out. The quest was to devise tools to protect. Within 21 days they launched, a Made in India Product “Shuddhi Box” for disinfecting mobiles, spectacles, cash…etc along with contact less charging provision. 

Equipment was certified by NABL after intense testing. This was patented and within one month of launch was also exported to Dubai, Middle East and Egypt. The product won the award by in all India innovation competition, “SAFE INDIA HACKATHON #INDIA FIGHTS CORONA” on 10 Apr 2020.

“The SHUDDHI BASKET is light weight, foldable, easy to carry, biodegradable & environment friendly design. It is made with the same patented composition and certified by NABL composition which has a result of killing any kind of virus and bacteria in most effective way. In IEC Test this device is also declared as medical electrical equipment and can 100% clean the vegetables, groceries, files and laptops”. Narrates Purvi. In India it is available on Shuddhibox.com, Amazon and GEM portals, in Dubai it is available on Noon.com.

For any startup the journey of an idea from its conception to becoming a reality is a long journey of many trials and errors. The heated discussions on product design, budgeting and compliance and midnight oil burnt to arrive at the perfect solution is an unavoidable ritual. For the team Arista Vault it was a new challenge to discover and target the typical problem of corona. Before a final product is ready, research and testing demand a lot of hard work..

“Our Director, Col. Krishan Kumar guided us to develop something which is based on prevention rather than cure, and Shuddhi series was developed by us , with its first proto and then final product within 20 days. On day 21st we had a presentation, along with 5000 innovative ideas from all across India. We got shortlisted in final 10, along with some major medical solutions like Ventilators and Oxygen pumps from finest labs in India.

As it kills the virus before it spreads, thereby preventing the community spread and facilitating the work force, the product was awarded as first runner-up, by Government of India.

We went through the rigorous process of testing by NABL lab on Disinfection Efficacy test on various viruses and bacteria. The Microbial test on object cleaning. The 9 pages report on IEC testing where the product has been tested in typical condition for its effectiveness, claims, disinfection rate, time, authenticity, guidelines and compliances, electrical and electronic compliances. Finally it was certified as a MEDICAL ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT.

The Entire team became confident on this Invention and patented it on 4 categories;
1) The formula of disinfection
2) On design and enclosure technique
3) On other series Shuddhi jewel
4) On technology and its mechanism and assembly

Purvi recollects, “We finally released the product in the market and got a great response. The hard work and the zeal to provide a solution to society for its betterment finally paid off. It was once said, “IF YOU WANT TO PREDICT THE FUTURE YOU HAVE TO INVENT IT” And we got POC in the market and market accepted our product. It was a new wave of emotions we saw in India, in terms of promoting ‘self-reliant India’ and ‘vocal for local’. Despite of its higher price range, people chose it over similar- low priced- Chinese product.

The biggest award for an entrepreneur is that its product has been accepted by the market. We got orders from Dubai, Egypt, Middle east, and we started exporting it and got this ‘Made in India’ product placed there. We learned from this Journey that you have to accept your failures, then eliminate what is wrong, change with time and make inventions every day. Success is never owned, it is rented and the rent is due every day. Hard work never goes waste, one can be smart worker but then also they need to work hard to get what is desired, it is typically seen that people leave the work when they reached 90% to achieve the success they become impatient and leave it when only 10% of rest is left. So you have to be consistent may be with mediocre pace, but be consistent.

“Entrepreneurship is not a Job it’s a lifestyle”, For startups you are not there to mere earn the money as like other businesses’ do. Startup is to locate problem and to find the solution of that problem, only that needs to be done and rest is taken care by the market. To achieve the POC means market accepted your solution and to not to achieve the POC means, find some other problem which is more relevant to people and again start working on that solution. 

Startup never says stop if the Idea fails, it inspires you for alternative Idea, and that’s how the whole ecosystem of startup works. Then if the POC turned into regular revenue, then funding and expanding will result into a business. So Startup is a seed planted by entrepreneur which needs to be nurtured everyday with due care”..

Invention of Shuddhi Box gave a boost to our Startups’ recessing financial health. 

During most difficult time my team worked hard and turned it into “great timing”, and we won. 

While talking to Purvi and her team I was amazed by the team spirit and involvement.

Arista Vault is incubated under Electropreneur Park and is a part of ESDM and Centre of Excellence by STPI, MEITY (Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology). It is provided with two world class labs for testing and all other vital facilities to support the startups to perform.

Omkar Rai, Director General STPI quoted— “Shuddhi box is a laudable Innovation to disinfect in an effective manner in UVC Based disinfectant portable product”.

This was the energizing story of a young CEO who started her career as a designer and learnt coding and electronic calibration over a period of time to develop a product line which is not only utility based but also a boon in preventing spread of a deadly contagion..

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