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APCA students with Cakes

Academy of Pastry and Culinary Arts


Do you have a strong temptation for the perfect dish! appealing and irresistible to the taste buds? What makes our food appetising? Taste, smell, look or presentation? What if, all these factors are creatively balanced? Yes, I am referring to a novelty called, The Culinary Arts.
If you are a passionate cook. If you go in detail about how to select ingredients, pair foods and plate beautiful dishes, then allow me to introduce you to Major Dinesh Sharma, Co-Founder – APCA Group of Institutions.

APCA founders

“APCA is a dream of three childhood friends. One of us is a Pastry Chef and it was his idea to open a world class institute in Asia. He got the idea when he visited a similar school in USA and then realised our students still depend on Hotel Management institutes to make their career. That’s how the first institute was opened in 2010. In this span, we have grown to 7 cities across Asia. We are now present in Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi NCR. We hope to be in more countries in the times to come”. Describes Major Dinesh.

APCA’s Malaysia team has won the World Pastry Cup held in France in 2019. This is a rare feat for an Asian Country. Also, the APCA’s Indian team reached the finals which has happened for the first time the history. Boasts Major Dinesh.

In this article Let’s learn more about the Pastry and culinary arts as a profession. Here are the insights from none other than the Co- Founder himself about focussed skill development.

APCA culinary art show

Future of Bakery Culinary Arts as a profession in India

For all our cravings to exceed the satisfaction level, there is a professional working in the background. Every dish which is presented is prepared with an aim to provide a unique experience to the consumer. The demand is outgrowing and the competition is tough out there. One must care deeply and consider all factors including the place, occasion, culture, age group and weather conditions. It demands continuous research, new fusion ideas and creative skills to innovate something to emerge as a culinary delight.

With the global travel increasing, Indians are getting to taste the exotic bakery products available in Europe and other developed countries. The demand for regular products like Pineapple cakes, regular commercial breads, etc will always be there. However, the demand for French Entremets (Cakes), Belgian Chocolates, Macarons, Croissants, healthy breads like Sourdough, etc is on an increase. These are being made using premium ingredients, niche skillsets, and advance bakery equipment.

So, as I see these bakery products today constitutes a minuscule percentage. However, in next 10 years, with disposable income on
the rise, such bakery products will lead the market.

APCA pastry

Food presentation is not only an art but also a skill to be developed. How extraordinary you are will be decided by how astonishingly you can present a dish. It is all about the visual treat you offer to your customer. Basics of food science, proper pairing of food and proper use of tools and management of the kitchen workforce all these are essential for those who would like to grow their own business.

Academy of Pastry and Culinary Art

Why one should choose APCA over a formal Hotel Management or other degrees in culinary arts?

In a class of Hotel Management, with about 50 students, spending almost 75-80% of their time in theory, being taught by teachers (not chefs), what do you expect from these graduating students? As compared to that, professional institutes like ours have only a max of 16 students. Our nine months course is specialised in a particular stream like Baking or Hot Kitchen. They spend more their 90% of their time making these products and they are taught by the trained chefs, some of them are of the levels of World Champions, Master Chocolatiers, etc. So, when they pass out after their course, the hotels make a beeline to recruit these students because these students will be effective in the kitchens on Day 1.

APCA Culinary dish presentation

Like I said earlier, since how we train students, our students are favourites amongst leading hotels, Bakeries and Restaurants. Many of them have become successful entrepreneur and are running their own outlets in their cities. Our bond with our Alumni is for life; we keep a track of their journey and they keep coming back to us for support. Right from tasting their products, discussion of layout of their outlet, help in buying new equipment, arranging refresher & Master Class for them from time to time, etc. “Skill Development will pave the way for future employment. It also will induce Entrepreneurship and ultimately lead to more job creation for the country. The young population should seize this opportunity to learn, and learn it well.” Believes Major Dinesh.

APCA culinary art

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Photographs and Article Credit: Major Dinesh Sharma 

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  1. Awesome Culinary Art. I have been to the academy and tasted the products. I can vouch for their standard of training and perfection in this Art. A MUST visit place even for a day, it’s worth it.

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