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Work From Home Ideas For Indian Women : Learn From A Wellness Coach How She Turns Them Into Reality

All of us have some or the other startup ideas of our own but are apprehensive how to make it work! Especially Indian women who are talented, educated and hardworking!! Often affection and responsibility for family takes the precedence and they prefer to sacrifice their own career. To turn our dreams into reality let’s learn from someone who accomplished it for herself. Let me introduce you to Chandana Banerjee’, who will inspire you to run your own start up from the comfort of your home. An Author, Writer & Work-from-home coach for wives &moms. She is a versatile lawyer cum journalist who established numerous micro businesses shaped around her circumstances.

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Forever delightful Chandana started her journey as a writer during her high-schooldays. As she grew up she explored freelance journalism all across the globe. As she articulates, “Internationally, I’ve written for Al Jazeera, Medium, The Christian Science Monitor, Animal Wellness, Power of Moms and India Currents among others. I’ve also written prolifically for many Indian publications and companies. My work has appeared in Scroll.in, Make My Trip, Silver Talkies, Complete Wellbeing, BBC Good Homes, Ideal Home and Gardens, Jade, Femina, The Hoot, The Caravan, Women’s Era, Windows & Aisles and several other magazines.”

She is married to a fighter pilot in the Indian air force. Frequent transfers at times to remote places with no job options to work. This is a typical state of many talented ladies who end up compromising their own career for family. She with her innovative outlook came up with various ideas for these women. She authored, Amazon bestselling book ‘The Work-At-Home Military Wife’, which was the number #1 bestseller on Amazon in February 2019.

Raising her child took her creativity to the next level. One should take tips from her life how to give shape to your dreams. Super energetic Chandana as a mom involved the family in the act of fun stuff, art & craft, cooking food & baking together. Enjoy some of the exiting learnings about homeschooling and how to live balanced lifestyle at home at YouTube . 

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With the due passage of time in the field and working with people, she has emerged as an efficient guide in the startup ecosystem. Writing is a common thread in most of her works. She practices technology as an efficient tool. Use of online platforms for communication, chat and video calls give her the reach. While social media platforms help her to build stronger relationship with her audience. In total the entire linkage of conceiving an idea to build it into a microbusiness. She has mastered it and supports budding solopreneurs how to achieve it. She also writes short, snappy social media ‘stories’ and content. These ‘tiny illustrative stories’ are available at her art brand, Jugnoo Story Art ”.

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This certified holistic wellness coach is a real-life example of how to adapt yourself to diverse spells of life. Who else can be better to be your buddy! All homemakers, who are looking forward to create sustainable lifestyle and positive impact on their health and wellness meet her at gorgeousgirlsgogreen.com . The core of creativity is all about blending existing things in new ways. And if you are blessed with the art of inscribing, you can transform lives.

So dear ladies, go ahead give shape to your dreams, “Be your own Boss” with Chandana and Kindle the women entrepreneur within.

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