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VIBHUSHITAA : Story of A Premier startup in Customised Merchandise

‘Vibhushitaa’ is a premier startup which specialises in making customised cowbells. An art and a very novel idea brought into existence by an Ex-Army Officer. The first one to venture into this and the only one to do it in India. Let me take you back in time and live the story once again.

“In 2015, I raised my company from scratch, with my three pillars of success – hard work, persistence, and honest work. I started from 10 odd bells of one kind and a single room to this day when I have an inventory of 300 plus designs, a presence in 40 odd retail outlets and a niche online customised segment market”
Meet, Maj Anuuradha Talwar, CEO and Founder Vibhushitaa.

Vibhushita introduction

A young girl finds her destiny

My dad is the epitome of honesty and discipline. My mom is a simple house maker with exemplary life and survival skills, a creative and sharp lady with a drive to achieve the best. I think I am just blessed to be born from them and luckier to get the best of both of their traits!!
I was an average student, not a curious child and never knew what I was looking for in life like any other teenager.
My mom wanted to do home science and go to Lady Irwin College, New Delhi, and since she could not, that’s how I landed in one of the premier Home Science Colleges of India, with no interest in cooking, sewing or any such life skills (Sadly but that’s how Home Science is interpreted to date!!)
On the day of the College Orientation, I was one among the crowd sitting and wondering why was I even here when I suddenly saw this young, smart lady in uniform – olive greens walking proudly towards the stage!! I really do not recollect what she said, all I knew was that she was an alumnus, all I could see was the olive green and the stars on her shoulder! She simply stood out! And that was my calling!
Three years in college passed in a flurry, and the time spent in the college transformed me from a young lost teenager to a very confident and independent young woman! It very subtly, strongly was preparing me for my next step. College got over and time to realise my calling had come.

‘Do you have it in you?’

The advertisement that the Indian Army ran at that time with a tag line – “Do you have it in you?”. This was the first time I realised that I had that killer instinct in me as if this advertisement was personally challenging me!! During the interview board in my SSB exam, I was asked,” why do you want to join the army” and I just answered,” because I have it in me!’
The 06 months of academy training and the 10 years of service in the Army gave me the experience, knowledge, and management skills, I so strongly believe no other organization can give and what I do today and where I stand today is because of the prime years which I spent in the Army and which moulded me as a person. You start carrying the DNA of the organization. As they say, you can leave the Army, but the Army never leaves you.

Anuradha an Army Officer

An Entrepreneur in Making

I still remember when I just started. I hired a CA and looking at my workspace and the number of products ..he was not sure whether I would be able to pay him his monthly filing charges!

This journey of being an entrepreneur from an army officer, the journey of being this confident and risk-taking woman from a very lost, insecure, diffident girl has been nothing less than a roller coaster ride full of major downs and of course ups too but all that just keeps me at it is my attitude – you need to just act, take that first step and not bother what the world will say ..the world will always say !!
There are times when you fail to realize your true potential but then someone from somewhere who hardly knows you and has rarely met you does. Yes, luck and hard work go a long way. And that has been the sole mantra of my life – hard work!!! And that is what my mentor probably saw in me. Capt Saurabh Mahajan, a colleague of my husband and an ex-army officer, and a seasoned entrepreneur was the one who saw my potential and mentored me. A truly selfless act which not many do, in fact rarely do in this day and age! And, this is when I feel I have been lucky. Hard work, of course, is what I simply breathe in daily ..live by it and swear by it!

I was very clear that whatever I do – will have to be different – be it the career I choose or the products I make! Run of the mill has never been my style and does not impress me! From learning and unlearning to re-learning, I just enjoyed every bit of my work which started from passion.
And, you can only succeed when what you do impresses you more than it does anyone else!

What distinguishes Vibhushitaa from the other brands in the customised gifting segment is their niche product range, excellent quality, and very affordable pricing.

Team Vibhushitaa

A Fitness Freak

My fitness journey started some 7 yrs ago when I discovered the world of Pilates.
And I fell in love with this form of fitness art. When you start enjoying what you are doing and start seeing results in yourself, both mentally and physically, that is the motivation that keeps you on.
I slowly got into strength training and weight training and since then there has been no looking back. My daily workout is a must and is my kind of meditation, my time where I feel zoned out from the entire world and come out fresh and all renewed!!
I have had failures in life but all have just led me to believe that it’s the start of something more beautiful and has only pushed me to work harder and do more and do things differently.

Fitness freak

<The Way Forward

Business is not only about selling a product, it’s about creating memories for a customer, getting to know the pulse of the customer, and delivering promises to be kept. This is what Vibhushitaa is all about.

Today, we have a reach in mostly all the army-run shops (AWWA and Sajjni) and AFWWA pan India. In all these shops, we provide home decor items – different kinds of bells and chimes at very affordable rates which also make excellent gifting solutions.

Vibhushitaa was born out of a passion for cowbells.

Today, this passion has led us to be the only company in India making customised etched cowbells, be it a single piece or a bulk quantity. It is also a pioneer company making etched customised steel cowbells in the sizes of 24”. The only company which is curating products that are not present in the market, and creating and delivering a wow factor.

All the customised products you see in the catalog are being done only by us as of now in India. The idea is  not only  to do business but leave an impact, a memory etched in the heart of the customer!

The company has expansion plans and plans to foray into other markets in the customised segment as well in the near future.

Product ranges

The full range of the products can be seen on the website or on the catalog of Vibhushitaa. They are also present on Instagram and Facebook. You may click the link below to find them on social media or check out their website.


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  1. What a significant and wonderful Journey Maj Anuuradha. I am sure your story will inspire many to persue their passion and dreams as strongly as you have persued yourself. I am sure you will grow much higher and achieve much more in life. Good wishes and regards

  2. Thank you so much sir for your kind wishes..

  3. Thank you so much sir for your kind wishes..Rgds

  4. Anuradha
    This is a fabulous journey you’ve had. Can entirely relate to it.

    Would like to connect with you if there’s anything where you can help us.

    Col Sanjeev Govila (retd), Hum Fauji Initiatives.

  5. fabuloous , i got this link from mu course silver jubilee in pune two days back 89 NDA ,
    great products , keep up the initiative , KUdos ERN , fabulous venture buddy

  6. Trailblazing as always Ma’am. Keep raising the bar.

    More power to you always.

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