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The Importance Of A Strong Resume

The importance of a well written Resume cannot be stressed upon enough. A Resume is a medium for advertising yourself, as a job applicant, and trying to claim that you are the best choice candidate to a prospective employer.

Your resume is still the tool that helps you get through applicant tracking systems and get noticed by employers.

Did you know that on average an employer or Recruiter takes maybe half a minute to screen your Resume and Job Application Cover Letter before considering an applicant to either be shortlisted for a pre-screen telephone interview or not. 

Individuals often spend a considerable amount of time focusing on what needs to be in the Resume rather than how it is written. Both are equally important. The tone of voice and how a Professional Resume is written in terms of the style, font, layout and language is the difference between your job application to a great role you would like to apply for getting shortlisted or not.

People invest in a Real Estate Agent when they wish to buy or sell a property and an investment Banker for guidance and support on where to invest their money. So why not choose a Professional Resume Writing Expert to assist you in getting a role that would pay for all of these things? Hiring and engaging with a Resume Writing expert who really understands the importance of a Resume and addresses the key selection criteria of a role can make all the difference.

If you are a fresh graduate and are embarking upon your career, or you’re in the middle of a job search process, it may be useful for you to learn how to write a ‘job winning’ Resume, or better still, hire someone who offers Resume Building Services.

The PRINCIPIUM ADVISORY is conducting a Webinar titled “How To Write A Strong Resume”. The details of this Webinar are as follows:

Webinar title : “How To Write A Strong Resume”

Date : May 29, 2021

Time : 4pm- 5pm

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You are strongly encouraged to attend this Webinar to learn about Resume writing skills.

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PRINCIPIUM ADVISORY also offers Resume Building services. If you want your Resume to be written by experts please contact us in one of the following ways:

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Article Credit : The Career Excellence Hub , Principium Advisory

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