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Shape the world with creativity : Design as a career Part 1


Do you have an impeccable sense of style? Are you the one blessed with creativity, who can make anything visually appealing? Design is an integral part of everything , from the fabric to the digital gadgets we use, from the chairs we sit on to the vehicles we drive. The design industry is a trinity of creativity, technology and innovation. Design has come a long way in establishing itself as a career choice rather than just a hobby. It is one of the challenging, fast-moving, and visionary fields to work in .It is financially rewarding and a variety of career options are available depending upon your area of interest . In a series of articles, Let’s learn what’s there for people with an eye for detailed perspective. Sumit Saurabh, Founder and Creative Head, Desizn Circle, explains all about design as a career.

Sumit Design circle
Sumit Saurabh, Founder and Creative Head, Desizn Circle
Illustrations by Sukriti Khurana

Design Basics :Right attitude and aptitude

It does not matter whether you have done your Schooling in Humanities, Science, Commerce or any other stream. Design welcomes you all ! It demands just one thing , if you have the creative bent of mind or not . You can understand the flexibility of this Industry by this : major colleges give privilege to specially abled students because they know well that your creative skill has nothing to do with how good or bad your learning ability or IQ is .

So , what is it for a student to have the right aptitude for design? It is the way you look at things , the ability of making images in mind and taking them out on a paper , computer or any 3D form. Design itself is an extremely broad umbrella, and there are many routes you can take. Some of the students I meet hardly manage to pass their exams in school but they make amazing movies, write beautiful stories or make masterpieces in various other artforms.
One more very important thing in the field of design is that you have to be quick and a constant learner . The day you think you know everything and you are the master of everything , that’s the beginning of your fall and your exit becomes certain .

The attitude of never giving up despite 1000’s of rejections makes you eligible for the field of design , so if you have all these qualities , you’ll definitely succeed in the world of Design .

Students art work
Interiors by Parrv jain
Students work

Formal Education In Design

In India , some of the best government colleges and Universities are :

* National Institute of Design
* National Institute of Fashion Technology
* IDC School of Design,IIT Bombay
* Indian Institute of Crafts & Design (IICD)
* Footwear Design and Development Institute (FDDI)

In addition to this, * ISDI: School of design and Innovation , * Pearl Academy , * IIAD:Indian Institute of Art & Design , * Srishti Manipal Institute of Art Design and Technology, * MIT Institute of Design , * Symbiosis Institute of Design , * Unitedworld Institute of Design (UID) , * UPES School of Design , * The Design Village , * OP Jindal University , * Sushant University are few of the best private institutes and universities.

The primary degrees you get in these colleges are B.Des. , B.A. and B.Voc. in undergraduate level and M.Des. and MFM ( Master in Fashion Management) in the Post Graduation level .

The major courses offered in undergraduate level are Fashion Design , Textile design , Communication Design , Leather Design , Product design , Glass and ceramics , Animation design , Film and video design , Transportation design , Industrial design , Fashion Styling , Strategic design management etc. There are few colleges which offer Fashion Management at graduation level too.

In post graduation level we have various design courses available in the fields of fashion , art and design . Apart from the design courses few colleges offer Fashion Business management courses as well .

Career prospects in these courses totally depend on your portfolio and strong CV .

Famous foreign/ international Institutions for design Courses.

The most famous International colleges are
* UAL (University of Arts) London
* Parsons , New York
* FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology ), New York
* Instituto Marangoni , Milan, Florence, Paris, London, Shanghai, Miami, Mumbai,Shenzhen
* RMIT (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology) University , Australia
* Emily Carr University, Vancouver, Canada
* OCAD (Ontario College of Art & Design ),Toronto, Ontario, Canada
* LASALLE Collage of the Arts , Singapore
* SCAD , Atlanta, Lacoste, Savannah
* ALATO , Finland
* Royal College of Arts , UK
* RISD ( Road Island School of Design) , USA
* Pratt Institute , Brooklyn USA

For International colleges, the admission process is mainly based on your portfolio.
When we say portfolio we have to show the interest towards the course we are applying for.

There are some courses like Architecture , Automobile design and Video gaming which require a very competitive portfolio. Their admission process is also very tough .

For example, if you are applying for Interior design , your portfolio should reflect your Internet towards Interior design and over all design as well . Apart from portfolio few colleges can take your interview and some colleges also ask for your SAT and IELTS score . Submission time is between December and March for early and regular applications .

Fashion illustration by Natasha Mulwani

Admission procedure and Guidelines

In India , most of the colleges take their own entrance test in the months of January and February.
They conduct prelims and mains . Exams are very competitive. 20000-25000 Students appear for their exam every year . Minimum qualification is 12th pass . Most of the colleges don’t ask for a minimum percentage in your 12th but few colleges do take your interview to check your communication skills .

In the entrance exam they ask for Maths , English , logical reasoning , General knowledge and drawing . When we talk about Drawing , it’s more like a creative ability test than art . So if you can think of creative ideas and even if you are not so good in art , you can surely try your luck in the field of art , design and fashion .

In India , most of the government colleges don’t ask for your choice of course till you clear the exam but almost all the private colleges ask your course preference when you fill the applications .

Fees is generally around 25-30 lakh per annum in most of the US , UK and European colleges.In Indian colleges fees can vary between 2.5 lakhs per annum to 7 lakh rupees per annum .At Design Circle we provide classes for the entrance preparations for both Indian and International design colleges . From portfolio development to the entrance test preparations, it is a one stop solution for all your needs to secure admission in a design institute of your choice.

In the year 2020 , more than 450 of our students took admission in various prestigious colleges in India and around 75 of our students booked their seats in the best design colleges in the various countries around the globe .

“Where you innovate, how you innovate, and what you innovate are design problems.” — Tim Brown, CEO and president of IDEO.

So if you are keen to join one of the prestigious design college reach out to,

www.desizncircleinternational.com for international admissions
www.desizncircle.com for Indian colleges .
www.instagram.com/desizncircle .
Phone: +91-9971707267 Landline : 011- 430058225
If you are enthusiastic about photography as a career visit : www.sumitsaurabh.net

Design by Namit Khanna
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