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Reinforce Tourism And Explore The World With Unique Caravanning : Learn From The Expert

Think back, what was your childhood dream? Exploring the world by road on the wheels? If yes, did Campervanning strike to your mind? Specially if you are a BEN10 crazy. Meet Captain Suresh Sharma, an Ex Army Officer, inspired to follow his dream, who built a self-sufficient Campervan called “Taurus”. Five decades of outdoor life, passion for tourism, wildlife photography and 1,67,000 km of caravanning define him in brief. 

Campervanning in India

Rich history, diverse culture, cuisine, blessed rivers, beautiful coastlines, lush green valleys, tea gardens, amazing Western Ghats, magnificent Himalayas, splendid Thar and the list goes on. In short India is a country meant to be driven through.

The Ministry of Tourism has also recognised the importance of Caravan Tourism in their 2009-10 annual report. The culture of campervans in India is soaring gradually. So, let’s change the very idea of checking into the hotels for a laid back and luxurious vacation. Drive and explore diverse landscapes at your own pace with safety and comfort. Being on a caravan you have total freedom and access to your favorite points and stay there, for example, close to a bird view site, stream of water or sand dunes. So you may not get the amenities  like a resort but you will be in total comfort in the wilderness close to the nature. 


In the wake of Covid-19,  the tourism industry has been drastically affected and so has the confidence of holidaymakers. In the present situation, the option of caravanning seems a right fit. One can adhere to the restrictions of social distancing, hygiene and sanitization needs while quenching the thirst to break free and reach out to the favorite holiday destination.

A campervan is so well designed that it’s your home away from home. Ingenious, space-saving design elements without compromising on basic comfort are available as per your budget. You can either rent a campervan or invest in one . Find more about this offbeat tourism at overdrive.in .

Campervanning with a professional

And if you have a business idea to this theme why not build your own. With hands on experience of fabrication and consultation in caravan designing you can contact, Captain Suresh Sharma at  +91-9888 380386  &  +91-6280 595008. He and his team will give you professional consultancy. Anyone interested in nomadic voyage should do extensive planning, research and survival training.

He and his family follow a simple lifestyle, but his equipment is world class. For what he is today is the reflection of support and cooperation of his wife and children. He has been associated with teams which produced wildlife films for the National Geographic Society in India. He takes pride in being a bushman and on the  wheels of his truck. The moment the  truck is parked, he gets into the kitchen. He has huge bundle of memories to share about his travel in all types of terrains and situations which will give you goosebumps for sure. Captain Sharma and Taurus are meant for those who love to explore nature. His experience as a soldier in battlefield with accomplished survival instincts will make you  feel safe and comfortable. From a cook to a storyteller, he is a passionate guide  and gives you a feel of personal touch for your entire journey.  You can explore the available tour options at  https://greendotexpeditions.com

‘Live life to the fullest’ temperament makes it the perfect starting point for a campervan road trip. Nomadic overlanding takes you deep into the countryside close to the flora and fauna. You will feel a sense of independence when you hit the road to scale the Geography. So, let your wanderlust finally convince you to explore wide open wilderness, with this unique concept. Redefine your travel with “Taurus”  The luxury overland truck. 

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    Great to know about your adventures. I am Col PK Mathur and would like to know more and associate with you.

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