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Organization Performance Measurement and KPIs

Goals and objectives are set for any individual or team to ensure that the Organization meets its goals. A KPI is a quantifiable metric that measures how well and Organization is achieving its stated goals and objectives.It is critical that individual KPIs are linked to Organizational KPIs. As the old saying goes – “What gets measured gets done !”

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The Types Of Business Failures And What Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Them:Complete business coaching series by Mr Puneet Mathur

A startup can ‘go under’ for a variety of reasons. And usually, founders will point fingers at each other, attribute it to forces outside of their control, or just blame bad luck. The examples in the article should provide an inexpensive lesson to startups and entrepreneurs, about the different ways in which a business can fail, if adequate care is not given to all of the above aspects of business.

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Nine Financial Lessons to Learn from the Festival of Navratri

Each day of ‘Navratri’ festival of nine nights is dedicated to nine Avatars of Goddess Durga.This festival is all about good prevailing over evil. Similarly we should also consider getting rid of our evil financial habits and start working on correcting them. Here are nine valuable investment lessons that we can learn from this culturally rich festival. This year, end your bad financial habits and begin a new journey with focus, discipline, and a positive outlook which can brighten up your financial future. Happy Navratri!

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Managing the challenges of a Family Business:Complete business coaching series by Mr Puneet Mathur

Almost all professionally, run organizations have a clearly articulated Performance Management System (PMS). There is no reason why a family business should not have one. A common practice that should be avoided at all costs, is discussing business on the dining table, or discussing family matters at work. At the office, every family member has to be treated as a co-worker. Personal relationships, equations and emotions have to be left behind at home.

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Many young boys and girls consider flying as a profession for the elite. Any student having passed class 12th with Physics and Mathematics with a passion for flying, may join a Flying Training Organization (FTO). A list of FTOs can be found on ‘’ the website of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation. Details about IGRUA are available at and those of Bombay Flying club at The ground training and flying training is provided by the FTOs. While the written examinations on five aviation subjects are conducted by DGCA, the flying skill tests are conducted by DGCA approved examiners in the FTO itself. It takes about 2 -3 years for a trainee to undergo ground training, flying training and licensing procedures. Some students go abroad for a faster training curriculum but they must understand that after earning a foreign licence, the procedure to convert it to an Indian one takes a lot of time and effort. A successful trainee gets a Commercial Pilot’s Licence (CPL) issued by Government of India.

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STARTUPS AND THE CUSTOMER – PART A: Complete Business Coaching series by Mr Puneet Mathur

Startups adopt a product centric approach, ‘make the product and launch it and the customer will come’. This approach might work if a Startup is entering an existing category where the product features and market dynamics are known. However, this approach will most likely fail if the Startup decides to launch a new product in a new market, or a new product in a new section of the existing market.

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