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Introduction :

Business Coaching is a process that helps owners of STARTUPs, small businesses, entrepreneurs and executives– substantially grow their businesses.

Today, many entrepreneurs are unable to come close to realizing their full potential. Business coaching can help entrepreneurs break through barriers that are holding them back and focus on the actions necessary to achieve their goals. In addition, many business owners now have tremendous interest in investing in coaching for their leadership teams to improve the performance of everyone at their companies resulting in greater synergistic success.

John Bowen, co-founder of BSW Inner Circle and co-author of Reaching for the Stars: How to Fast-Track Your Business Success by Leveraging Mastermind and CEO Groups, has this to say : “Based on our survey of 759 entrepreneurs, almost one out of six of them are turning to business coaches to become more professionally capable. For some entrepreneurs and accomplished individuals, business coaching is just what they need to generate greater achievements.”

Without question, the demand for business coaching is extensive and growing very quickly. The opportunities for high-calibre business coaches of all stripes are probably better than ever.

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What is Business Coaching?

Most business owners, entrepreneurs or leaders are looking for advice on how to grow their company. But they have a limited amount of resources to turn to.

There are countless online articles and books on how to build and grow a business. Every business however, is unique. Generic advice is never a suitable substitute for personalized guidance.

Thankfully, there’s now a service where business owners, entrepreneurs and executives in leadership roles – CEOs, COOs, can receive the personalized guidance they need to answer their difficult questions and make their organization a success. This service is called ‘business coaching’.

Who is a Business Coach?

Business coaches are typically experienced entrepreneurs, business owners or business leaders themselves who decide to use their experience and talents to help other business owners reach their goals.

There’s plenty of information and advice available online on how to start and grow a business but it is not specific to your unique business. Business coaches, on the other hand, are able to provide something far more valuable – personalized, custom advice.

If a person wants to learn how to play an instrument, it’s much easier to find a teacher than it is to teach themselves. Great coaches and mentors are the quickest routes to success – to most every pursuit. But this logic is often overlooked when it comes to growing a business. Business coaches are typically expert entrepreneurs who know what it takes to make a business successful.

They work alongside executives and owners to help them define their goals, polish their vision for their business, and set in place a series of strategies that will help the owner achieve their goals and vision. If a business owner has tough questions or runs into problems along the way, their coach will be able to help them navigate their issues in the most effective way possible.

Having a business coach is much like having a highly experienced partner on your team, and the value that they offer to business owners is priceless.



Puneet Mathur is a Certified Life Coach, Certified Business Coach and a Certified Organization Development Coach. He specialises in helping business leaders to transform their enterprise into a professionally run Company by implementing state of art systems and processes, and building a highly motivated team.

Puneet is an experienced business leader, with about 30 years of Corporate Leadership experience in reputed Multi National and Indian Companies in the FMCG and Chemicals sector.

He started his career with Britannia Industries as a Management Trainee. He has worked varied roles in Britannia Industries Ltd. Marico Industries Ltd. Coca Cola, and the Jubilant Bhartia Group. His last corporate stint was with Jubilant Industries Ltd. As Senior Vice President and Business Head of a strategic business unit (SBU, Puneet supervised Global Business Development, Global Key Account Management, Manufacturing R&D & New Product Development.

Puneet has extensive experience in Sales & Distribution of FMCG products and Speciality Chemicals (B2B business). He has a rich experience of expanding distribution reach, Sales Force Productivity, International Business Development, and Exports.


mail@puneetmathur.in pmathur@principiumadvisory.in


www.puneetmathur.in www.principiumadvisory.in


www.principiumcoaching.blogspot.com www.principiumcoaching.wordpress.com

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