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Dr Tushar in Organic Farming

How to achieve Sustainable growth in Organic farming : Dr Tushar Narrates the Success story

Responsible use of Energy and natural resources drives his mission. He is an angel for the farmers of barren and parched stretches in Solapur , Maharashtra. I feel blessed to introduce to you a Veteran turned Farmer. An epitome of social reform. It doesn’t matter how high you reach in your career and qualifications. What we can give back to our society describes the real Hero within.. He completed his MTech in Nuclear Technology from prestigious Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) Mumbai, PhD in Nuclear Energy from Pune University and served as a Sapper Engineer in the Indian Army for 2 decades! After retirement, he is now actively working in the Residue free farming and renewable energy sector.

Dr Tushar in village farm


Meet Lt Col (Dr) Tushar Ghate who founded Sharvil Power and Agro Technologies LLP in 2017. The start-up is primarily executing system integration and installation based projects and working in the fields of solar power, wind energy, renewable and electrical systems. Since inception and within a span of five years, this company has successfully installed and commissioned more than 100 Roof Top Solar Grid Connected Projects with cumulative capacity exceeding 1 MW.In Rooftop Net Metering solar system, grid tied solar Photovoltaic (PV) is installed either on the terrace or on vacant space of Residential, Industrial, Commercial or Institutional complexes. The electrical energy is generated and utilized in situ. Excess energy is fed to the grid and can be utilized later or the equivalent credit also can be obtained.

He has installed some projects in which the panel structure has been raised in order to make available the space below for any other purpose like agriculture, dairy, warehouse etc. The system helps in saving Carbon emission in a great way.

Glorious Career in the Indian Army

Tushar Ghate was commissioned into 3 Engineer Regiment of Madras Sappers in 1996.During 22 years of Army career, the officer has served in almost all types of terrains and sectors. Apart from Regimental tenures, He also served in Bomb Disposal Company in the operational sector. He was also entrusted with responsibilities related to strategic operations. During the service, the officer was awarded with commendation medals twice for his outstanding service.

Active in army Dr tushar

The Second Innings for Sustainability

“After retirement I decided to go back to the roots. I come from a typical rural agrarian family background. Immediately after retirement I took 15 acres of land on lease at Kamshet, near Pune and learned the nuances of agriculture. After gaining experience, I purchased and developed my own land at my hometown Piliv in Solapur district of Maharashtra.” Narrates Tushar.

A typically barren and parched area, Tushar began with making available an assured water source. He dug an open well and leveled the entire 30 acres of land using tractors and dozers. He also had to resort to rock blasting as most of the land was rocky.

Tushar was very clear that the agriculture practice will be based on residue free concept wherein the agri product will have no harmful chemical traces. He also wanted to ensure that the land should get enriched while undertaking farming. So he avoided using harmful chemical fertilizers and instead has resorted to Natural inputs like Jeevamrut, Dashparni ark (concoction of desi dried leaves), vermi compost and such other means. Initially the response from the soil and agri produce was slow. However over the last two years the soil is becoming enriched and the crops are becoming immune to pests as well. This has also reduced heavy expenditures on fertilizers and pesticides.

Adoption of drip irrigation is helpful in many ways. It reduces the water consumption by almost 80-90%. Also it does not allow growth of unwanted weeds.Tushar is trying to make this model successful in order to put up a model for other farmers to follow.

Renewble energy and vermicompost projects of Dr Tushar

Co Working Farmers and Social Impact

Tushar is working on the concept of CO-Working approach. In this, the required essential resources can be procured and managed centrally. For example, a farmer requires a tractor but not on a daily basis. Such equipment can be shared and operated. Same approach can be adopted for processing machines and warehouses as well. This can be managed by an Ex-Serviceman. This will cut down the heavy expenditures of a farmer to great extent.

In addition to the above, Micro Essential Financial Empowerment (MEFWE) is also planned. An average farmer requires very small funding (2 to 2.5 Lakhs annually). However as he gets returns from sale of agri products once in an year, it becomes very difficult for him to manage recurring expenditures. This has resulted in disastrous ending of the farmer and few of them have committed suicides. The funding can be on very low interest rates and can be assisted by businessmen, professionals etc.

Dr Tushar with Farmers

Profitability with Balanced Agriculture products model

Tushar has adopted a balanced agri model. In this 60% of the crops are with very less risk and less but assured returns. This will ensure the survival of the farmer. 30% of the crops are with moderate risk and moderate income for example mango, Banana gardens etc. This will fetch profit to the farmer. Balance 10% will have high risk and high returns, loss of the same will not disturb his economics however profit if any will be manifold, for example Papaya, Exotic Farming etc.

Happy and Successful Dr Tushar in his farm

Together everyone grows

Consumer demand for healthy and safe food options is driving the growth of the startup. Tushar is working directly with farmers to promote sustainable agricultural methods. He is also training them to survive the odds of nature. Financial aid, shared resources and technical guidance have been able to reform the lifestyle of the farmers who are associated with Tushar. If one has the right attitude he can be an example of God living like a simple soul on Earth.

Inside his Green house and with his exotic agri products and family of Dr Tushar

If you also share similar ideas and would like to have a cutting -edge agri- startup of your own ,you can contact Lt Col (Dr) Tushar Ghate at :
Mobile :9561235936
Email: drtusharghate@gmail.com.
Facebook :Tushar Ghate

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  2. It’s a very inspirational story Hats of to the Army veteran a highly educated Col Ghate to give it back to the society & work for the society in more ways than one 👌👍May all his dreams come true for his dreams have the farmers , the ESMs and the consumers in its fold while copiously enriching the ecosystem too !
    Kudos Sangeeta for the insightful & inspirational story 👍

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