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Trendsetters are the real life heroes. A symbol of determination, hard work and passion to achieve goal. Here is the opportunity to learn life lessons from their journey, we may wish to imbibe.

Cover photo Antara

Sailing : Learn all about it with the first Indian

Captain Dilip Donde and Sucheta Jadhav, launched “Antara” in Apr 2019. People from all walks of life can experience what it’s like to sail beyond sight of land. They can, if they wish to, also experience being a real sailor instead of being a mere passenger. Antara, a Van de Stadt designed ‘Caribbean 40’ sail boat built in India, is registered with the Directorate General of Shipping and certified to sail anywhere in the world for commercial and personal use. She is well equipped with all the necessary safety and navigation equipment to cross an ocean. So here is your opportunity to cruise across the sea at a leisurely pace with the country’s first solo circumnavigator as yours navigator!

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cover photo of BFC


Many young boys and girls consider flying as a profession for the elite. Any student having passed class 12th with Physics and Mathematics with a passion for flying, may join a Flying Training Organization (FTO). A list of FTOs can be found on ‘www.dgca.gov.in’ the website of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation. Details about IGRUA are available at igrua.gov.in and those of Bombay Flying club at www.thebombayflyingclub.com. The ground training and flying training is provided by the FTOs. While the written examinations on five aviation subjects are conducted by DGCA, the flying skill tests are conducted by DGCA approved examiners in the FTO itself. It takes about 2 -3 years for a trainee to undergo ground training, flying training and licensing procedures. Some students go abroad for a faster training curriculum but they must understand that after earning a foreign licence, the procedure to convert it to an Indian one takes a lot of time and effort. A successful trainee gets a Commercial Pilot’s Licence (CPL) issued by Government of India.

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