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This category has articles written by the experts from various fields.
Let’s understand the point of views of the leaders. By virtue of extensive knowledge and vast experience in the field their advice is of great value indeed.

How to choose a preschool for your child

How to Choose a Preschool for Your Child!

Earlier the sensorial, perceptual motor development was well taken care of by the family, children had people around to play with things around in nature. Jumping from wheat bags, running without shoes in any kind of temperatures, helping elders, working at home, had a source of unconditional love from grandparents, ate what was cooked at home, there was freedom and learning was discovering. A lot has changed now. So, shouldn’t our approach to the preschool education change? In a series of articles let's find out with a Preschool professional Dr. Ritu Dak!

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Cover Image design as a career

Shape the world with creativity : Design as a career Part 1

Design is an integral part of everything . The design industry is a trinity of creativity, technology and innovation. Design has come a long way in establishing itself as a career choice rather than just a hobby. In a series of articles, Let's learn what's there for people with an eye for detailed perspective. Sumit Saurabh, Founder and Creative Head, Desizn Circle, explains all about design as a career.

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Cover photo career counselling


In this disruptive world, where gig economy and gig working is going to be the future norm, a good Career Counselor can help you reach your Dream Career by helping you to select the right stream and course. Students benefit the maximum out of a career counselling session. counselling can also immensely benefit the working professionals who feel they are stuck in the wrong profession or find the current job challenging enough. It is helpful to identify where our strength and passion lies to switch career accordingly.

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Finvision cover photo

Nine Financial Lessons to Learn from the Festival of Navratri

Each day of ‘Navratri’ festival of nine nights is dedicated to nine Avatars of Goddess Durga.This festival is all about good prevailing over evil. Similarly we should also consider getting rid of our evil financial habits and start working on correcting them. Here are nine valuable investment lessons that we can learn from this culturally rich festival. This year, end your bad financial habits and begin a new journey with focus, discipline, and a positive outlook which can brighten up your financial future. Happy Navratri!

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Indian Medical sector

Indian Medical Devices Sector – Opportunity to Grow Exponentially

The medical devices industry in India consists of large multinationals as well as small and medium enterprises (SMEs) growing at an unprecedented scale. The current market size of the medical devices industry in India is estimated to be $11 bn. India’s medical devices industry is poised for significant growth in …

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skill set

Skill Set To Sail Through Turbulent Times!!

2020 was always considered to be a game changer, companies across the globe kept working on the 2020 plan. I couldn’t figure out exactly, why 2020 and why not any other year, whatever be the reason 2020 has actually turned out to be the game changer and has made its …

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