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Be the best: A Life coach explains all about Neuro Linguistics Programming!

In today’s highly competitive and stressful world, it is important to manage our mental and physical fitness equally. Most of us follow our favourite physical fitness coach to maintain good health. Allow me to discuss something about a professionally trained life coach who help us managing our emotions, mental states and levels of motivation. “If you believe something is right, there should not be any struggle in accomplishing it. One must overcome the inherent fears to proceed with absolute clarity. As a life coach and trainer, my vision is to awaken the achiever in each one of us.” Says Meena, Founder, “Insights”.

A Life Coach

A life coach help you make progress to attain a sense of accomplishment. It is effective in improving relationships, careers and your everyday life in general. An experienced life coach can help in number of ways like:

• Clarity in identification of your goals in life
• identify your unique skills and strengths
• recognize fears, anxieties and reasons for procrastination
• understand the obstacles which are holding you back
• formulate strategies for overcoming each obstacle.

Meena Arora Life coach

Therefore, a Life coach is not necessarily a mental health professional. The reason to visit a wellness Coach, may not always be mental stress, anxiety, depression or any such maladies. It is OK to visit a coach if you want to break free from your addiction or a bad habit, even better if you simply want to live and figure out meaningful, and happier life. A trained coach can help you take your creativity to a next level. You may be looking forward to improve decision making, negotiation and conflict management skills.

Life Coach Meena Arora, hails from a humble family in Meerut. In her own life, Meena has challenged many social and mental blocks. She was the first person, in her family to join the defence forces. Human behaviour has always been an area of great interest to her. The environment of Defence forces gave her ample opportunities to be a successful team leader. This paved a way for her deep interest in psychology. After completion of her service tenure with the Indian Air Force, she decided to devote herself into simplifying the lives of people through coaching and counselling.

She upskilled herself with professional trainings and courses. She accomplished Certification in Coaching Skills affiliated to International Coach Federation (ICF), Trainer Level Neurolinguistics Programming (NLP) from Mr. Ram Verma, Masters in Clinical Psychology and internships under renowned Psychiatrists like Dr Manish Kansal, Shanti home Rehabilitation centre, in New Delhi, Dr Sachin Sharma, Paras Hospital, Vaishali, Ghaziabad and Dr Ashok Jainer, London, UK.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP

Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP is an effective & ingenious tool to create synergy amongst our thoughts (neuro i.e., brain), our communication (linguistic) and behavioural patterns (programming) for a fulfilling and happy life. Neuro-linguistic programming was developed in the 1970s at the University of California. Its primary founders are John Grinder, a linguist, and Richard Bandler, an information scientist and mathematician. It is about how to regulate your thinking , feeling, language and behaviour to achieve transformation.

“NLP works on the premise that the human brain functions like a computer, which executes ‘programmes’ or mental strategies in specific sequences of instructions and internal representations. NLP techniques focus on the thought processes that influence our behaviour. It identifies the mental strategies a person is using in certain situations or habitually. Through various exercises and visualizations, it further provides resolutions to control, fade out or enhance the experiences behind those habits and emotions.”

“NLP is an experiential approach. It is not hypnotherapy. rather, it operates through the conscious use of language to achieve changes in someone’s thoughts and behaviour. It is extremely helpful in enhancing creative thinking and problem solving skills. Visualization is a very powerful technique that can also be a part of many of the NLP techniques in some way or the other. The simple principle that works here is that our mind considers imagination as the truth. The technique is to imagine a desired goal or outcome with complete focus and affirmation. This triggers the law of attraction and motivates us towards our destination.” Explains Meena.

How to become a successful Life Coach

“ Life Coaching and NLP techniques work wonders when it comes to overall performance improvement. I always wanted to seek a profession that is also my passion. The first step was to register my company. I studied the various kinds of companies under the companies act and finally registered my partnership firm named “Insights” through www.indiafilings.com. One can register his/her company through a CA or a Legal Consultant as well.

I now conduct personal and group sessions in Schools, hospitals, companies and corporates. “I also conduct customize training programmes for individual and organizations. I have been practicing in the field for 7 years now. Keeping in mind the need of the hour, I have designed “Success Mantra Courses”. These are a good mix of the versatile methods & techniques from the varied fields of counselling, coaching skills & clinical psychology in addition to NLP”, describes Meena.

“Most of us want to come out of sufferings and need help. I am on my journey to make people happy, I also invite others to join the field. There is a counsellor within each human being. Everyone is capable of bringing positive change in other’s life. A kind, compassionate heart and willingness to ease someone’s suffering is all that is required.” She trains aspirants in the field of NLP, counselling and Clinical Diagnosis. She assists professionals in starting their own practice and workshops. She also offer volunteer services in hospitals on need basis.

Meena meticulously follows her fitness, yoga and meditation schedule . She says this helps her in being more positive and compassionate. She has two books on her credit,
Ordeals of being Corona Warriors- An Approach to Medical & Essential Service Providers
Alienation and Resilience-Understanding Corona Affected Families
Both the books are available at the site of National Book Trust of India and Amazon.in

So, if you feel you would like to work on self-development, confidence and communication skills for your job progression! Or you wish to fight with your phobia, depression or anxiety which is prohibiting you to be your best! Or if you feel you have the desired certifications, attitude, empathy and listening skills to become a life coach ! The help is pretty much available! You may contact Meena at:

Email – careersmeena@gmail.com. 

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/insights-let-s-simplify

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  1. Very nice article, Meena is a professional and she chose to speak on her core competence and you have elucidated her form in the most apt way…kudos to the team…great insight

  2. Great article. Have personally known Meena for decades, she is a a very positive, confident and successful person and her contribution to this field as a life coach has been immense. Can totally vouch for her professionalism and expertise in this field.

  3. Nice to know about the field n the person. In this demanding n brutal world if more of such people can be there who r able, helpful n who can train people to give solace n guide each other then the world will definitely be a better place. Good write up thanks for ur efforts.

  4. It’s nice to know about your passion and how you have made it your lifestyle.
    Now I’m beginning this learning with your Mantras and I hope to do good.

  5. Great write up! I vouch for every word written for Meena in the article. The article describes her just the way she is, a brilliant student of life who has understood the life better than many of us. Having known Meena for more than a decade and half, I can safely say that her spiritual connect has given her the ability to communicate with others to introduce a very positive change in their lives. Clarity of her thoughts are such that every word she uses to guide others as life coach spell bounds the listener to associate himself with her. Good show and keep up the good work!

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