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About Us

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Startupnrise.com is an initiative to learn from the inspiring actions of ordinary people. They are successful because of their focus and willpower to leave a positive legacy. Humble beginnings, resilience to bring about positive change and true grit to follow their passion. The writings will bring to the fore, the lessons from leaders of small home run businesses, government establishments and corporates. The Expert’s perspective will incorporate new dimensions for business growth, training and development requisite in view of growing digital economy.

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected the lives to the core and established a new normal for the mankind. Within a short span of time, some businesses have flourished, some underwent transformation and some are in for disruptions. These rapid changes have also caused concerns of mental wellness. The lockdown gave time to introspect and appreciate true value of life. Definitely, there is an upward shift from materialistic pursuit to self-actualization and spirituality.

Startupnrise.com content will also integrate the stories of pursuit of true happiness.So, it will comprise the tales of trendsetters who are living beyond worldly gains. While following one’s passion, how creativity, adventure and contentment in true sense can be the guiding principles in life.

This platform brings together a collection of experiences of trailblazers who dared to dream with open eyes. These stories give you the chance to decode the essence of success and reason to relate your persona to build a unique strategy for your life.

Let’s start up, rise and discover the extraordinary within.

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