Dr Tushar in Organic Farming

How to achieve Sustainable growth in Organic farming : Dr Tushar Narrates the Success story

An epitome of social reform. It doesn't matter how high you reach in your career and qualifications. What we can give back to our society describes the real Hero within. He completed his MTech in Nuclear Technology from prestigious Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) Mumbai, PhD in Nuclear Energy from Pune University and served as a Sapper Engineer in the Indian Army for 2 decades! After retirement, he is now actively working in the Residue free farming and renewable energy sector.

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Niyati founder of migrant Musings cover photo

Migrant Musings : A Travel startup by Niyati

A Corporate Lawyer, a seasoned traveller and a writer Niyati Saxena founded “Migrant Musings” to introduce new dimensions to travel space.The idea is to enhance the experience that travel can provide. She conducts trips pan India and internationally, her methods are slightly tweaked. The trips lead to creating memories that people cherish forever.

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APCA students with Cakes

Academy of Pastry and Culinary Arts

If you are a passionate cook. If you go in detail about how to select ingredients, pair foods and plate beautiful dishes. In this article you will learn more about the Pastry and culinary arts as a profession. Here are the insights from none other than the Co- Founder of APCA group of Institution, himself about the focussed skill development.

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From Friendship to Entrepreneurship: The Busy Bee Journey

Two preschool teachers with synchronized beliefs, came together with a brilliant idea to help small children during the lockdown phase of Covid 19. With their willingness and ability to revolutionize they turned into budding entrepreneurs. Here is the story of Ms Priyanka Jacob and Ms Kalpana V, Co-founders of The Busy Bee.

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How to choose a preschool for your child

How to Choose a Preschool for Your Child!

Earlier the sensorial, perceptual motor development was well taken care of by the family, children had people around to play with things around in nature. Jumping from wheat bags, running without shoes in any kind of temperatures, helping elders, working at home, had a source of unconditional love from grandparents, ate what was cooked at home, there was freedom and learning was discovering. A lot has changed now. So, shouldn’t our approach to the preschool education change? In a series of articles let's find out with a Preschool professional Dr. Ritu Dak!

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Yunam Peak Raman Sood

The Old Man’s Journey Continues : Climbing Yunam Peak

Raman Sood at 69, completed three passes, Kala Pathher, Everest Base Camp Trek in October 2021. With a dream to climb Mount Everest some day , Raman gradually increased his stamina to scale 6111 meter high Yunam Peak. Here is another inspiring tale of his adventurous journey in his own words.

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Sandhya at U T Kangri peak

Highest Seat of the Priest : UT Kangri Peak in Eastern Ladakh

A friend and I decided on a trip to Nepal and little that I realised, I found the missing part of the puzzle. I came back to India but left a piece of me back in the Himalayas. Chaitanya, my husband, advised me to get up a little closer to my new found love and to attempt a trek to the Himalayas. Now my life can be chaptered between treks. Annapurna Circuit trek (Nepal), Kilimanjaro (Africa), back to the very popular Everest Base camp (Nepal) made my admiration and LOVE for Himalayas and mountains just grow.

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The Freestanding Beauty – Mount Kilimanjaro

I have an exciting story to share about my second summit out of the seven summits of the world: Mount Kilimanjaro(5,895 m). You Are Stronger Than You Think...... Mountains taught me many things but most importantly humility, being fearless, gratitude for everything I have & valuing self strength.

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